Giving something broken a new life. Taking the pieces of cameras that no longer work and displaying them creatively in artwork to hang on your walls.

Artist, Matthew Cassidy, started by taking apart an old broken camera to see what was inside. Realizing how unique, interesting and beautiful the pieces were he meticulously placed them within a frame and gave it to his partner for her birthday. Overwhelmed by the originality and thoughtfulness of the piece, she hung the frame proudly in their living room. Friends and family that visited all wanted one of their own, and Matthew began selling the pieces in the summer 0f 2014. The rest, as they say, is history… in the making.

Cameras used to make these artworks are broken and heading to the landfill. All are in a non-operational state. Most are donated by individuals who would rather see their old camera end up in a Fragmented Frame than the alternative. Cameras range from film to digital, compact point-and-shoots to SLR (single lens reflex), and even sometimes smartphones.

On top of the ready to sell pieces on this page, Matthew also does custom work for that special/sentimental/family heirloom camera that has been gathering dust on the shelf. Contact for pricing and details.

Please message if you are interested in purchasing a frame.


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